Feature - The IndieGarden presents - Star Ninja

So, like an out of control Katamari, The IndieGarden does not seem to want to stop! I recently had the chance to sit down and play Star Ninja by Bounding Box Games, a company started by Eric Cosky, a programming pioneer who has previously worked on eminent titles such as Everquest (including its 8 expansions) and also wild west adventure, Red Dead Redemption.

Review - Fruit Ninja Kinect - XBox Live Arcade

Evil Scientists, madmen, Gannon, vengeful gods, walking mountains, giant spiders, Gannon again, zombie Nazi’s and even Death Himself. My list of fallen enemies during my gaming career has gathered some impressive and equally intriguing names but now I face my biggest challenge yet, fruit!

Feature - The IndieGarden presents - Stick 'Em Up 2: Paper Adventures

If the Internet has taught us anything, it's that nothing written on it should be believed (apart from quality journalism of course), you own opinion is far more important than anybody else’s and that animations of stick figures fighting each other (such as Xiao Xiao) are actually funny!

Review - Boulder Dash XL - XBox 360 Arcade

I recently used the term 'Boulder Dash' as an expletive at work and was surprised to find myself reminiscing about a game that, not only was originally released a year before I was even born but also fondly remembering a title that I have never played at length.