E3 Coverage - Nintendo Press Conference

So here we have it, the conference we have all been waiting for, Nintendo takes centre stage for the press event of 2011’s E3.

Fortunately, very little was leaked in regards to Nintendo’s announcements which provided a thoroughly enjoyable and interesting conference. 

E3 Coverage - Sony Press Conference

Continuing my coverage of the press conferences at E3 this year, next up we have Sony…go grab some snacks people, this is going to be a long one.
Beginning the conference was a five minute long video package featuring partial cutscenes and gameplay footage from upcoming and already available titles.  I am assuming that, from the front row of the press present at the conference that some of the trailers were featured in 3D otherwise I feel that Kudo Sunoda may have sparked a trend of wearing large sunglasses indoors.

E3 Coverage - Microsoft Press Conference

So it’s that time of year again people, the lights are dimmed, the scores of journalists are packed tightly into their seats, the wi-fi connection at the chosen conference centre is strained to it’s very limit and I am over 5000 miles away, tapping away at my PC, struggling with the rest of the gaming media population to watch the E3 conferences online.

So we kick things off with Microsoft with roughly ninety minutes of official announcements that had already been leaked onto the internet mealy an hour before the press conference went live. So it was similar to playing a video game after watching all the best bits on Youtube!


Game Media Awards

Despite what you may have heard, video games journalism is actually a real profession and as such, there are award schemes for it to celebrate the upcoming starts and stand out performers of the industry.  Though really it’s an opportunity for the gaming press to get together once a year and get wasted, which is a noble cause also.

Blog Update - I'm not dead!

Hello People! – No, that’s right, I’m not dead! Huzzar!

As it has been a while since I have entered anything onto this blog which was not a copy-past version of my published work, I thought it was about time to update it with something a bit more personal.


News - Modern Warfare 3 Trailer

The worst kept secret in video games has been confirmed today!
Infinity Ward, after having a lot of their anticipated Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 information spilled out onto the internet by Kotaku earlier this month, have released a teaser trailer for their latest instalment of the Call of Duty franchise.
Whilst not being a surprise move by Infinity Ward, I have to admit that the highly anticipated sequel to 2009′s smash hit Modern Warfare 2 does look impressive, the trailer sports moments of footage in America, England, Germany and France and an impressive subway crash scene and a Crysis 2 trailer-esque building collapsing.
The game is currently earmarked for release on the 8th of November 2011

News - New Bungie Countdown Site Found

Who here likes countdown sites? Nope, me either!
Bungie appears to love the things though as another countdown site has been produced under their name.
Bungie (famous for creating the Halo franchise) recently set up a company called Podophobia Entertainment Inc and on the companies official website (found HERE) is a countdown timer that started it’s lifespan on 117 days (any good Halo fan will remind you that 117 was part of the Master Chiefs designated call-sign)
The countdown is due to end on the 16th of September which (unlike some other rumours you may hear) has nothing to do with the original release date of Halo: Combat Evolved, which will hit its ten year anniversary on the 15th of November 2011.
With messages on the site stating things like “Please Wait…”, “Receiving Distress signal…” and “Incoming transmission…” I for one would not like to even guess as to what this might mean, what do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

Alice: Madness Returns Gameplay Footage

As I am a pretty big fan of the first American McGee’s Alice game, I for one am greatly looking forward to the upcoming sequel, Alice: Madness Returns, due for release on the 14th of June on XBox 360, PS3 and PC.

Slimgamer recently covered the fact that the release of Alice: Madness Returns would also be bundled with a (possible DLC code for) full copy of the original American McGee’s Alice.

Below is the recently released gameplay footage of Madness Returns, showing some promising platformer action.