Testing, testing. One, Two, Three...

I think Confucius once said "Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life" it was either him or one of those quotes at the end of Criminal Minds. Anyway my point is that up until very recently I didn't understand the relevance of that quote. Not until June 2011.

The Stanley Parable - PC Review:

I'll hazard a guess that many video game reviewers, whilst playing The Stanley Parable, felt a sense of horror and dread unlike anything they have felt in a long time - confronted with the same "how am I going to write about THAT?" sensation that I myself found during my time with the game.  Fortunately The Stanley Parable (HD reimagining of the 2011 Source Engine mod) gives you enough to openly talk about without delving into the realms of spoiler-town too much.

Two Minds (sort of), One Blog

Since March of this year I've been somewhat conflicted about what I want to do with this blog. Should I keep it as it is - a collection of my reviews, articles and associated writings about the video game industry? Should I start covering gaming news on here as well as reviews like I used to? (no, that one was a stupid idea) Should I leave the blog to stagnate and focus purely on my freelance pitches to other websites or simply deactivate the site altogether?

Call of Duty: Ghosts Review - XBox 360

In a weird twist from the norm, I’m writing this intro after writing the rest of my review. I need to do it this way around for a single reason. I like Call of Duty, I have nothing against the series as an enjoyable (if somewhat elitist and wanky) multiplayer experience and get some friends together and you can ensure a thoroughly good time playing it. I’m also a fan of the Call of Duty campaigns, they have become my guilty pleasure as of late, they are usually a spectacularly cinematic rollercoaster through a admittedly questionable storyline but we don’t mind. We really don’t, we sit there and eat it up because whatever flaws the story or characters have we can forgive and forget because the action is usually engrossing enough to distract us from the flaws.


Diablo 3 Review - XBox 360

These days the term “Console Port” has become synonymous with a poorly optimized version of a game. Far too often we see both PC and console games traversing the great platform divide and emerging as something less than it once was. Games will have a poorer framerate, less optimized resolution, poorly mapped controls or simply less impressive graphics - whatever the reasons for the label, the label has stuck. Fortunately Blizzard have taken enough time and care with their console port of Diablo 3 to try and break that trend - with it’s gameplay not only intact but - dare I say it - improved by the addition of a controller input and only a few niggles keeping you from enjoying the full PC experience, Diablo 3 is the reason that ‘console port’ is now a badge of honor once again.

Prevention >= Cure

An actual blog post!

Yes, that’s right - this isn’t a snarky collection of press release screenshots with my belligerent words surrounding it nor is it a review of a game. This is one of those actual blog post thingys I keep seeing on other sites like my own.

Rayman Legends - PC Review

Rayman Legends has some very big shoes to fill in my opinion, after playing Rayman Origins and realizing I’d made a huge mistake waiting nearly six months to play it I quickly realized that the limbless hero from my childhood had shaken off his doomed Rabbid counterparts and made a triumphant return into our gaming lives. With this next instalment I was not only excited to play the sequel to probably the best platformer I’d played in years but also see what new and fun innovations Ubisoft had brought to the table to prevent the franchise from going stale.

Guest Preview - Sir, You Are Being Hunted - PC

Guest Preview - The Chaos Engine Remaster - PC

Saints Row IV Review - PC

If you’re anything like me you’ve probably lay awake at night wondering what would happen if the Crackdown series got drunk and spent the night with the Prototype games and ended abandoning their child to be raised by Deadpool. Well, fortunately Volition have also been kept awake at night by that very same thought and have come up with the answer: Saint’s Row IV